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MARTINSBURG - Three years of waiting is now behind the Entsorga WV project, as the organization recently received its final necessary approval, enabling the company to be able to begin construction.

On Oct. 16, the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection granted the final Non-Disposal Solid Waste Permit to Entsorga WV, the last major permit required for construction to begin.

Francesco Galanzino, a partner at Ensorga's headquarters in Italy, was in Martinsburg after learning of the permit approval to finalize details so the project can move forward and begin construction soon.

In an email to The Journal, Galanzino said the company will break ground before the end of the year and depending on weather, should move from construction to production within 18 months.

"The Berkeley County facility will be our showroom for the whole American market. Our goal is to have the best-performing plant here. And when I say the best, I consider in all the fields: economical, environmental, energy use and social/education," he wrote in an email.

Entsorga is headquartered in Italy and exports up to 90 percent of its technology abroad. Galanzino said the company chose to branch out to the United States because it believes the county has big environmental technology potential.

"The main way to treat waste, until now, has been landfill disposal, which is the best way to 'waste' resources. With the Entsorga WV plant, the landfill approach can be changed, and it'll be possible to give a second life to the garbage," Galanzino wrote in an email.

The plant will practice a zero-waste concept that dictates that 90 percent of the waste entering the facility will not be transported to a landfill, but instead used for energy. The plant will also utilize a technology known as high-efficiency biological treatment, HeBIOT, that organizes incoming waste without the need for employees to sort the waste by hand.

The waste to be used for fuel would be dried out and shredded into a loose, confetti-like material. The organization has an agreement to provide the fuel to Essroc, and has been contacted by several other cement companies interested in replicating the business elsewhere and buy the fuel, Galanzino said, adding that he believes this facility will be the first of many in the United States.

While the wait has been long, Galanzino said he has had great cooperation with local partnering agencies like Apple Valley Waste Services and has found an unparalleled level of environmental concern and awareness through the Berkeley County Solid Waste Authority.

"The Berkeley County Solid Waste Authority, I've worked in this market for 30 years, and I have never had a public entity so committed to the future of the community and at the same time so serious, but open, to the innovation. It has been a tremendous pleasure and honor to work with individuals who are looking to the future of waste management," he wrote.

Entsorga will lease nearly 12 acres with the potential to lease an additional 5.65 acres of the Solid Waste Authority's property. The entrance to the plant will be the same entrance to enter the BCSWA offices on Grapevine Road.

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